Saturday, January 17, 2015

That Was A Good Day, John!

Delores Mateske and John Dolan
May 1978 - Mequon, WI

Here's one from my favorite pictures category - favorite for a couple of reason. The occasion. The little details. A good memory. I came across this quite accidentally a couple of week's ago and wanted to share.

The date in May 1978, the day of my graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. The location is the farm on Donges Bay Road in Mequon where we lived. The occasion is my graduation "afterglow" with family and friends.

It is one of those pictures of a moment caught in time when I would have no idea what we were taking about, what Mom Mateske was saying, or anything. If I were to put a caption on it, remembering here as I do, I can hear here saying with a very thankful and satisfied voice something like: "What a good day this has been, John!"

And it was - a great day! So many family members were able to be there, Sarah was just a little girl, Amy was in Mom's tummy; friends from most every part of my life were there too. The weather was beautiful. Ya, a good day indeed!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! :) What a great candid shot. And Dad, your hair!!! I now see where Jeff got that...based on the pictures from my high school graduation, when Jeffy's hair looks very similar... :) I also think that Grandma is trying to "cheers" you.

  2. Ha! Bare feet. When do you ever have bare feet outside?

  3. And wow. Grandma looks like mom! (I know, there's probably a little me there too...)

  4. I love this picture!! Dad- you are awesome. I miss Gramma.

  5. Amy - I also thought this looked exactly like Mom.

  6. I remember that day too.It was good day.