Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Gangs Are All Here (Again)

Sarah's Confirmation Day - May 1990
1900 N. Erb Street-Appleton, Wisconsin

What makes these two photos memorable is the  fact that so many people were there that day - on both the Dolan and Mateske side. As time moved on, the numbers of people who could come got smaller and smaller. (Ask poor KT.)
But on this day the gangs were all there - except for one person on each side!
Can you see who it was?
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With our family, the Mateske side included Mom and Dad Mateske, Granny Schultz, Bob and Gail with an already tall Adam and Paul, both Helen (left side) and Agnes (right side) Flynn, Montello neighbors. Bonus attendees were Aunt Jenny Dehling with Ron and Stacie Dehling, and friends Martin and Althea Griepentrog.

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With our family, the Dolan side included Mom and Dad, David, Mary Lou and family; Mary and Tom and girls (this was pre-Lesia). Bonus attendees were Uncle Ernie and his second wife Vi.

**Who's missing?**
Gramma Minnie on the Mateske side
Rachel Dolan (sick) on the Dolan side



  1. It's crazy how many people came! Griepentrogs were there?! Bonus of being the oldest... poor KT. :-(

  2. Replies
    1. No, you got something and it was just as special, just not as many, that's all.