Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Rare Mateske Find

I have been told that pictures of Great Grampa Mateske are few. True enough. Here is one of them (center of the picture.) And its a good one.

Occasion and location? Don't know. Circa 1957. Here's the role call:

Uncle Don Teztlaff, Dad Bob Mateske Sr, Grampa Edward Mateske.
Bob Mateske Jr. Gramma Minnie (Crown) Mateske with Cousin Jayne (Tetzlaff) Wilkins in her lap, Mom Delores (Schultz)Mateske with Carol (Mateske) Dolan in her lap, Aunt Jane (Mateske) Tetzlaff


  1. I love this picture. Mom's super-cute. Grandma and Grandpa look super young, and Great Grandpa Edward looks a lot like Grandpa Bob!

  2. Wow. I love this! Gram and Gramps look so young!

  3. I was going to say something similar to Amy....Grandpa looks just like Grandpa Edward. And mom definitely looks like Grandma! Love Grandma Minnie's look on her face! This picture is awesome.

  4. Does anyone else see Sarah in Grandma's face?? I really see it here. I've also seen it in that pic of grandma that's been in the "north room" at 60 Church St. And in Gram & Gramps's wedding picture.

  5. Amelia, I do a little it yes! I see a good mix of Amy and Mom in her here. I think it's in her smile that it looks like Sarah.