Thursday, February 19, 2015

Please! I Need a Caption for This One

Found this wonderful 1961 picture of Mom/Aunt Carol's Great Grampa Walters and Great Aunt Tillie Walters Bahr (Granny Schultz' Dad and Aunt). It is an nice family picture to have! It was taken in the backyard of Tillie's son in Milwaukee, I keep laughing every time I look at at. What's with the barbells?

C'mon, people, help me put a caption on this one! Who says history can't be fun!

Great Grampa Frederick Walters and Great Aunt Tillie (Walters) Bahr
Fall 1961


  1. Hahaha! I laughed out loud too! Not only because there are barbells in the picture, but Great Grampa has a cane! How could he lift them?? :) So awesome. I don't really have the creative brain to come up with a caption....

  2. The barbells are a strange addition... I also don't have a caption idea, but I love the picture. And when I hear the name Walters, I think of Grandma's cousins, a row of big, jolly men, sitting at the bar when I went out for beer and fish with Gramps & Gram. :)

  3. Since I got so many suggestions (NOT!), I hesitate to offer my own but:
    1) "No, Fred, 'barbells' not 'Bahr-bells'"
    2) "They want me to do what with it, Tillie."
    3) "Oh, Fred, you did how many reps this morning."
    4) "You first, Tillie."

    So, is that so hard?

    1. Ha. Well done. Better than I could have come up with!