Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family Keger

Grampa Edwin Schultz - Far Left
 A week ago in Montello we celebrated the 90th birthday of Dad/Grampa/Robert/Zip Mateske. Family and friends from almost every part of his life made their way to 60 Church Street. There were lots of good people and a good time was had by all. There was good food and a good bowl of punch to go with the birthday cake. AND there was a ..........keg of cold beer!

Reflecting on the day, and while killing  the last few drops of the keg with Tootie and Dad on the back porch in the week that followed, I remembered that I had a couple of old photos that reminded me that this 2016 keg was not the first  one to be tapped at a get-together of  this family.

Enjoy  these two gems!

1 - The first one is above and I can't tell you where (somewhere in or around Montello) or when (maybe 1930s. Experts in identifying old cars maybe could nail a more exact era.)  And although I can't identify the men in the pic, I can tell you that Grampa Edwin Schultz is on the far left with his hat on his knee and a cig in his hand. He had more hair then, but the same great, playfull smile!

2 - Below is one from my side of the family - the Haubrich branch. That's my great uncle Herman Haubrich sitting in the middle of he group left of the keg. No smiling on this face! He's the one with the bowler on his  head. This is in Staunton, Illinois (near Springfield) where the Haubrichs first settled when they arrived in America in the 1890s. The date is 1906 and the location is Concordia Hall, the fellowship hall of the Lutheran church in Staunton. And that's a keg of the "beer that made Milwaukee famous" - Schlitz. And it looks like  the Concordia Hall supplied their  own mugs.

Herman Haubrich - Middle Left of the Keg

I  have just one question. Did they drink warm beer? Where's the  ice? Where's the kegerator? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Ew, warm beer! :( But I also love the pictures, so great!

  2. I really wish I had known Grandpa Edwin. He seems like a character.
    It makes me happy that keg parties run in our family. We've definitely classed it up with the kegerator though, huh? Except maybe not the driving it down the street with the tractor part...