Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What's in a Picture?

     What's in a picture? Lots of fun and interesting stuff- if you look at it closely. I've been looking at this picture for a little while today and keep seeing fun and interesting things - nothing big or out of the ordinary, just fun and interesting. Look with me.

       Let's begin with the story of how I got this picture. We can thank Grampa's (Bob Mateske) 90th birthday open house for  that. While cleaning out the old garage to make room for the stuff cleaned out  of the new garage, Mom (Carol/Tootie Mateske/Dolan) found this picture just lying there in a box of stuff. It made it into the house, then to my scanner, and now to JD's Jottings.

       The when and where is easy. The who is a wee bit challenging. It's April 1958. That's obvious. It's at the southwest corner of 286 E. Montello Street, Grampa and Granny's house (Edwin and Clara Schultz) where we now live. That's easy, as is most of the people. Grampa and Gramma Mateske (Ed and Minnie) join the other  grandparents and the young Mateske family (Bob, Delores, Bobby and Carol/Tootie). That may George and Viola Duesterheoft on the ends right, and the other guy with arms folded might be a Zuehls.

Okay, what other fun things do I see?
          1) Bob Sr. looks distracted, like something's happening in Borkoski's back yard.
          2) Delores is looking lovely, the 29 year old Mom.
          3) Bobby has a nice, Kodak moment smile.
          4) Grampa Schultz is posing as usual sporting a polka-dot shirt.
          5) Tootie missed the  click of  the camera talking to Granny.
          6) Grampa Mateske looks short. Must be standing in the flowerbed, not on sidewalk.
          7) Gramma Minnie looks nice in her dress with a broach.
          8) George Duesterhoef is lookin' good with the swell 1940-50s tie.

I see more. Look at the background.
          1) The tall skinny tree in the from across the  street. Long gone.
          2) The windows - still in place in 2016, but soon to be replaced.
          3) The fan trellis with the trumpet vines that still grow up there today.
          4) The propane tanks on the wall for the kitchen. They were still in garage in 2015.
          5) The fancy old table by the back door. Wonder  where that is.
          6) And ... my favorite - the little "leave a note" box by door. (Found  that in the shed.)

That's what I see. What do you see? Or try this. If this were in color, what colors do you see, like Grampa's polka-dot shirt and the ladies dresses or the tie.

I know - I'm strange. But I like pictures like this  and I  enjoy looking at them and  thinking about them, and .... listening to the voices and what they all might have been saying. Maybe it's just me, but that's fun! There's a lot in a picture.


  1. Grandma at 29!!! Crazy. I don't know if I ever remember seeing pictures of Grandpa Mateske....and barely remember Grandma Minnie, but I would have known that was her without you telling me. :) That makes me happy. Grandpa distracted??? No.... :) I want a copy of this picture!! I love it. And all the memories of this house.

  2. My Grandpa Mateske did not like to have his picture taken, which is probably why he is back in the flower bed 😏

  3. I really love this picture. I love seeing grandma and gramps so young (and with hair!). I wish I could picture what the neighborhood was like back then. I'm sad that I didn't know either of my great-grandpas in this picture-- they both look intriguing to me.
    I like your question about colors. I'd like Grandpa Schultz's shirt to be blue and Grandma Minnie's dress to have red trim and red flowers. Grandma Delores's shirt should have yellow flowers and Gramps's shirt has brown stripes. Grandpa Mateske's...I'm not sure, maybe red stripes?

  4. Granny's dress was black. Grandma Minnie's was beige with darker brown trim - at least that is what comes to mind. Grandpa Schultz's was a dark color with white dots, maybe navy. Viola D.'s was navy or black. Usually the older women did not wear bright colors - I don't recall any of Grandma Minnie"s or Granny's dresses being other than navy, black, or brown tones.