Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Little Big Man

Edwin Schultz circa 1930s
Have been spending a lot of time lately in and around 286 E. Montello Street which, God willing, will be  home in a couple of months. This last week part of  the time was spent in the basement, cleaning  out the old coal room (found a couple of treasures in there!), and then out in the shed in the  back yard.
It got me  thinking a lot of about Grampa Schultz. I only knew him later in life, and although I  heard things about him, I can't say I really got to know him. But I have been learning about him now as we rummage around the  house and yard he made a home for so many years. He has made me smile, shake my head, scratch my head, and marvel at his knowledge, creativity, determination, and sense of humor. There's so much to be learned and told about him, but this is  not the place for it. But it can be a start.
I found this picture of him recently. It was in his daughter's (Delores Schultz Mateske) picture book and it was labeled "Daddy." Not sure where it is (I doubt that it is 286 Montello), and I'm not really sure when it was taken. I think in the 1930s. He's wearing what almost could be called his trademark hat and coveralls. The only thing he's not wearing here is the smile that was usually on his face when the camera came out. In this picture he looks proud and confident.
Edwin Schultz was a little man - but only in stature. I am discovering that he was a pretty big man in so many ways. I really hope he would be okay with me taking over the place he loved so much and worked so hard for so many years. I'd like to think he would.
(I sure wish we still had that gun! I wonder what it is. It looks pretty small)

Grampa Edwin Schultz with Amy Dolan and Paul Mateske
Back Porch  of 60 Church Street Montello - 1979
One of  his last and (I think) best pictures!


  1. Yup, I always loved this picture of Grampa with Amy and Paul. I think this was the end of May, sometime after Aunt Clara's funeral. Grampa died in June

  2. I've always loved this picture too! It's all I have to know him by. (That plus the stories Granny & Grandma & Mom told.) I'm glad to know that I "knew" him, even though I don't remember-- here's proof! I'm excited to hear what you learn about him. I've also been fascinated by his drive & determination to build that house and property...