Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Else Did You Do, George?

George Donlon (left)
Not long ago, I mentioned that my Uncle George was a mailman in Anaheim, California. That was his last job. Before that he sold men's clothing - and was very good at it. That's another story I want to tell some day. But George had other jobs too. Like the one above.

I know its Kenosha. I know it's late 1930's or early 1940's. He had a uniform and he delivered something - maybe orange crush, among other things. Milk man? For whom? That's something I will try to find out.

But this is one of the photos among my "faves" for a number  of  reasons. First of all, it involves an unknown that I can try to solve. I like that. It helped me learn something else abut my uncle and godfather.

And ... the delivery trucks are classics! I wish I knew cars. That would tell me something about the date of the picture for sure.

I wonder what else I didn't know about Uncle George.

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  1. Probably lots! It's interesting to think of these people and to picture their lives...