Thursday, September 15, 2016

Home Sweet Home - I Just Wish I Could Remember

We were in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago and had reason to go through an old neighborhood and see this house at 4700 50th. I took a picture. The genealogical spirits are moving me to tell you about it. So here it is.
from 50th looking northeast
This was my first home! The only problem is that I have no "real" memory of it. That's too bad. I know the place, but only through pictures I've seen and stories I've heard. BUT ... although I don't "remember" it, I have to tell you (call me crazy if you must), that every time I have driven by this house and through this neighborhood (I have done that more than once), I get a funny and familiar feeling. I do feel that I have been here before!

Same Porch, Old Railing and Door. I'm 2.
It was only for a short time - Fall of 1952 to sometime in 1954. We actually lived here a few years before 1952, but that was before my time. My first actual memories are in Zion when we lived near the lake (that's a story that needs to be told too!).These are my lost years (my earliest lost years, I should say), the years before my actual memories. This was home for such a short time - I realize that - but so much happened here, important stuff, fun stuff. The first two years of my life happened here.

I'd tell you all about it if I could, but like I said, I don't remember. So I'll have to let the pictures do the talking. So take a good close look at the 2016 photo above and come along with me to compare and remember.

So I guess I was at this house before I was born too, with Mom lugging me around in the winter, spring, and summer of 1952. I love my Mom - she took her hymnal to church every Sunday already back then. And the hat! That's Judy Conklin with her. As you will see, the Conklins lived in the "cottage" in the back yard. They were good friends.

This is where I came home from the hospital and got my first meals. Mom looks really excited about me, doesn't she? Notice the bay window behind us and then look at the 2016 picture and you can see that the widow is still there. To me it is one of the identifiable characteristics of this house, and it was the backdrop for many a picture - inside and out.

Had a baptism party here too. Aunt Lilah and Uncle George were my sponsors. This picture and the one above are two of only a few pictures of me as baby. I didn't get one of those new baby portfolios like David and Mary. (But that's okay. I don't mind. Really, I'm okay with that.) Say what you want about George, but he was a snappy dresser.

Naturally, my first Christmas happened here. Looks like we had a good time. I think Mom got new pajamas - ya think? With footies even. Daddy probably picked that out. Lilah was there too. Mary was still working on hair. David, were you in charge of tree selection?! And there's the window.

We had some nice birthdays at this house, and it was a busy, homey kitchen. You can tell that from these and other pictures I have. That's Pa Haubrich in the second picture below. I also  have very few memories of him. But he knew me, I guess! David is 9 years old here and Mary 3. I'm _____?

L to R: George, Lilah, Mary, Carol (still Greening then), Pa and Gramma Haubrich, David and Me.
It sure looks like we had plenty of family gatherings in those few years at this house. What good times we had! Aunts and uncles, George and Lilah, Marv and Ev, Kelly and Norma, and cousin Carol were there a lot. Both set of grandparents were there quite a bit too. I guessing  (hoping) that they finally got this pose right. Some great looks here. I must have taken the picture. Kidding. Otherwise, why would I get left out? Okay, maybe Uncle George took the picture. We're the only two not in it. I wonder what everyone is looking at. Maybe me. Young seminarian, Warren Henrich, was there this time. And there's that window again.
Back: Carol, Gramma and Pa Haubrich, Norma and Kelly.
Front: Warren, Evelyn and Marv, Mom, Lilah and Mary. Daddy and David in foreground.

Looks like we spent quite a bit of time outside, and it also looks like we had fun - and there were other kids in neighborhood too. See the fence going across the driveway in the first picture (looking toward the street.) Daddy told me that he built that. Probably to keep us in the back yard. You see where the Conklins lived in the second picture.
Mary, the Conklin Girl (what's here name, Mary?), Me
See the fence? I remember that car from Zion

Me and Mary in the Pool (See the cottage?)
Today this neighborhood has become a little bit sketchy and you probably don't go out a lot at night. Not a problem back in the 50s. Brother David handled security back then, as you see.

The first picture of David above must have been 1951. Mary's baby picture portfolio (Did I mention that I didn't get one) is on the mantle. See the bookshelves. There were two. David has one now and Aaron the other. There are many more great pictures we have of 4700 50th. Can't show 'em all here though. Wish I could. Lot's of good stories.

So that was home for a few years in Milwaukee - my first home. I just wish I could remember. But I can't! At least I have plenty of pictures.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I love the first picture you posted. :) So much Isaiah in all of your toddler pictures!!!! Also, I feel your pain of not having the "baby portfolio" like your older siblings did........ :) This is a fun post!