Friday, September 9, 2016

I Remember the Apples

I'm thinking apples today. 

Fall is a lot of  things - things I like - and that includes apples. We found out that the usual apple supplier (a Walters connection near Packwaukee) lost most of their crop when blossoms froze in early spring. So no apples. But sister Mary may have provided a solution, now that she is living on an ... APPLE ORCHARD. Might be headin' south soon!

A Much Younger "Papa" Checkin Out  this Late 1980s Crop

There was a time - not that long ago - when we had o go no further than the back yard at 286 E. Montello Street. Remember that, anyone. I do. There were at least two trees that I remember, maybe more. We had apples.
Notice the  Boards  Holding  Up  the Overloaded Branches

BOY - DID WE HAVE APPLES!! The branches were so full they were almost touching he ground. The trees are gone now, as is the garden nearby, and although there is talk about getting at least one new one - well, we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy the  memory!

Jeffy Dolan Haulin' In A Load for a Puzzled Looking Mom and Auntie Gail

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  1. Ah, Jeff. I guess the love of driving tractors is hereditary 😊