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95th Wedding Anniversry Today

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Adolph and Bertha (Kroll) Haubrich with daughter, Margaret, outside Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix, AZ; circa 1920
Adolph and Bertha (Kroll) Haubrich
Margaret and Bob
Phoenix, AZ Early 1920's
Adolph Haubrich was a younger brother of my Grandpa, Albert Haubrich. Adolph married Bertha Kroll, the younger sister of my Grandma, Emily (Kroll) Haubrich. All in the family, I guess. I wonder who the matchmaker was? They were married on May 28, 1914 in Kenosha, WI, 8 years after their older siblings.

Adolph had health problems - I'm not sure what- but he moved to Phoenix about four years later. They had three children, Margaret (deceased), Betty Jean (still living in Kenosha), and Robert (recently in Florida, but in very poor health). Margaret was born in Kenosha, Betty Jean and Robert in Phoenix. Adolph farmed in Phoenix (I'm not sure what) and they lived on what was the far north side of the city. When in Phoenix a few years ago, I looked up the address and what was then a rural area is now a busy commercial part of the city with not even a hint of what it once was.

My Grandma and my Mom (who was four years old at the time) visited when Betty Jean was born in 1924. We have several pictures from that trip.

There's was a relatively short marriage. Adolph died at the age of 39 in Deaconess Hospital in Phoenix, 13 years after they were married. Cause of death was listed as cerebral hemorrage. He is buried in Green Ridge Cemetary, Kenosha. Aunt Bertha and family moved back to Kenosha and she lived as a widow for 44 years, dying in 1971.
Amy Dolan Another cool vignette. Keep them coming!
I love the picture of the HUGE cacti!
  • John-Carol Dolan I thought you would. Nice Latin. Analyze that form. Mmm. Let's see. Nominative plural, masculine, 2nd declension, of cactus. Decline it. cactus, cacti, cacto, cactum, cacto; cacti, cactorum, cactis, cactos, cactis. Sorry, Facebook has no macrons.
  • Amy Dolan Sadly, it was my science knowledge, not my Latin knowledge, that sparked the use of the word cacti. Nice job with all that Latin though... for a second I could have sworn that message was from my brother Aaron... declining latin and memorizing squares & square roots for fun.
  • Emilie Carlson Uncle John, Please keep these coming. I love reading about our family history. I think you should write a book!
  • Paul Dolan Interesting - I need a copy of the family tree so I can follow along. Those cacti are crazy large!
  • John-Carol Dolan Now that's the kind of response, I was looking for! Thanks, Paul, for holding up the man side of the things.


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