Thursday, December 11, 2014

They Don't Make Uniforms Like They Used to (Thank Goodness!)

Bob "Zip" Mateske (far right)
Montello, WI Basketball
No, this is not five guys lined up for the firing squad, although somebody should get shot for making these guys where uniforms like this. Or maybe this was 1940's dodge ball! Yikes. Oh, well, it was a different time, I guess, and that was the look. That's Bob "Zip" Mateske on the far right!

The Dolan and Mateske boys got their share of basketball pointers from Grampa Mateske - and lost your share of  games of H-O-R-S-E to him as well. Don't let the shorts fool you. Grampa had game. He was one of Montello's best athletes - and in the whole area as well. If he hasn't told you all about it, just ask him. He loves to talk about how it was and how they played, and he knows whereof he speaks. Ask him about being in the army, overseas, at the end of WWII. He even played on a team there. But get ready to hear about passing the ball, getting a good shot, and play defense.

Don't know for sure the time and place of this photo, or what team it is - whether Montello High School or another city team. Maybe we can find that out yet. But the uniforms allow make it a classic!

I do like the shoes though! Whadya think?


  1. I love this picture so much. Though it does look like they are lined up for the firing squad. I love the grin that comes to Gramps's face too when he shows us pics like this and makes us guess where he is. :)

  2. This picture makes me laugh every time! And I'm so proud of Gramps.

  3. I was always amazed at how well Grandpa could play and put us to shame, even when we were getting older and thinking we were really good. I would have loved to see him play in his prime!