Thursday, December 11, 2014

Look at the Head on That One!

"Tootie" in the Pond
Down Under at 286 Montello Street
So...why is this one of my "faves?"
First of all, it's a classic "Tootie" picture. A girl and her dog. The pond. And the hair! What's with the hair?! Whew! I think those are curlers. I hope they are curlers. Not sure which dog. I'm sure she could tell you.
But another reason why I like this picture and am posting it, is because it remind you of how things used to look down below. Wide open, grass low (thanks to the sheep), wall and fence in better shape, and the tree. I wonder what happened to the tree.
6  months from now, God willing, we will make a beginning of trying to "fix up" the back. It will never be what it was, and that's okay. That's a memory, and mostly good, I'm sure. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into it all, and we think it would make Grampa and Granny happy to know we are trying to keep it alive and well.
And by the way - we can always use a little help. Bring your work clothes and pond shoes!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen this one. That is some crazy hair. The back does look so different! It doesn't look nearly as marshy out there as it is now. Mom, was the ditch not there? Where did that tree go??

  2. I've never seen this one either!! But I love it! :) I love the memories of playing in the pond...

  3. The ditch is there, and was actually very visible. We could walk in the ditch quite a ways into the marsh. And the dirt on the sides of the ditch was black muck. I can remember one time a couple of my friends and I slid down the muck into the ditch water. We had a blast, but boy were we filthy!! My grandma really scolded us, sent everyone home and made me take a bath. I thought it was funny because she only put about 2 inches of water in the tub and expected me to get clean. I was black muck from top to bottom. The tree rotted at some point. I had rollers in my hair in this picture which is why I look so weird. That was during a period in my life that I cared how I looked :-) / high school, beginning of college. I remember I even went deer hunting one Sunday morning before church with rollers in my hair! The dog is Misty. She was the smartest dog we had except for one mistake, chasing a rabbit across the street in front of a car. After that we got Patches, which is the dog all the kids grew up with.

  4. Bill fixed it!!! Unknown is me!!! :) Mom, why were you in the pond though with curlers??

  5. Probably going somewhere later so my hair was set. Playing with the dog. I really don't remember.

  6. Wow. To curlers. And to the scenery in the background. I love hearing the memories though.

  7. The picture of mom deer hunting in curlers is awesome. Where are the pictures of that?!?! I think I would have enjoyed sliding down the muck into the water too...