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My Aunt Lilah Turns 93 This Week

First Posted on Facebook on June 13, 2009 at 9:11pm

My Aunt and God-mother turns 93 this week. Lilah Haubrich Donlon has a birthday on June 19. She was born in Kenosha in 1916. She was the fourth of five Haubrich children - Norma (1908), Lucille (1910), Marvin (1914), Lilah, and Doris (1921). She grew up in Kenosha, married George Donlon in 1943, and worked at Coopers, later to become the Jockey underwear company in Kenosha. (We could always count on getting new underwear for Christmas!!) They moved to California in 1960 and lived there until Lilah moved to New Ulm a few years ago. George died in Anaheim in 1989, 20 years ago this June 16.

This is one of my favorite photos - from the early 1940s. Lilah is on the far right. This was taken at the Wisconsin State Bowling Tournament, which was, believe it or not, a huge event! Nice uniforms - great shoes!

Lilah made the Kenosha News sports the same year. The short little piece read: "LILAH DONLON HAS 607 TRIO. Writing her name into the national honor roll records, Lilah Donlon of Cooper's Girl's League has crashed into the bowling spotlight with a 607 series...Starting with a 162 game, she increased the tempo to 200 in the middle issue and then went out on a strike rampage for a 245 thrust in the final game. Her count in the 600 category is comparable to the 700 charmed circle for male keglers."

As far as I can tell, Lilah has lived longer than any one else on our family tree.
Lilah Haubrich Donlon (far right), early 1940s
Coopers Girls League, Kenosha, WI
Lilah on Far Right


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