Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not So Little Lambs

I don't know how old "Mary" was when she had a little lamb, but this 5 year old had some sheep that weren't so little to her. "Tootie" Mateske spent a considerable amount of time with her animal friends. She knew the sheep and the sheep knew her (sorry, couldn't help it!). But really, they did.
I like this picture for the obvious reasons. It's a cute picture and it tell a story about how a little girl grew up. But I post it now because again it gives you an idea of what it was like down and around the pond. Look how clean and kept the hill is!

We won't be having any sheep, and I know that 286 E. Montello Street will never be what it once was. But we do hope to give it some of its old life back again. And that won't be so baaaaad, will it? :)


  1. Bad pun! On most days, after my mom peeled the potatoes for supper, she would wrap the peelings up in newspaper. I would take them down the street to Grandma and Grandpa Schultz's for the sheep. They would see me coming if they were in the pasture and come running. I'd they were in the barn, I would go right in with them. To this day, the smell of barn brings back so happy memories.

  2. The lambs were your friends!!! :)
    Up until what year were their lambs down there? I have very faint memories of needing to be careful of stepping in poop down there while at the pond....
    You guys should definitely have lambs in your retirement!!!

  3. Sheep were gone before you and Jeff were born. You were avoiding stepping in duck poop!

  4. Hahahaha! That's funny! I totally thought it was lamb poop!

  5. Sheep make me laugh. Ory's sheep always come running when I visit her too. There were neighbors' sheep down there for awhile. I know that Paul and I would be down there playing around and there were still sheep. KT's probably remembering those.

  6. Wow. Those are huge! You have the best friends, Mom.