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Two Wedding Anniversaries

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David Bruce Dolan and Mary Lou Weigel were married 40 years ago on June 22, 1969 at Our Saviors in Zion. A dinner was held in the church basement, where this picture was taken. I was the best man, but as the look on my face is probably saying I had no clue what that meant and what I supposed to do. I could have used some help, and was too embarrassed to ask for it, and didn't want to admit that I didn't know! This was my first tux - had patent leather shoes (hard, glossy finish) - and felt like a million bucks!
A reception was held at the Clown Room Supper Club on Hwys 41 and 173, where Grandpa Dolan was the manager. They had live entertainment there, and of course, grown up beverages. (I was not allowed to attend, which was a huge ripoff, by the way! I was almost 17 for cryin' out loud!) Another tidbit I remember is that after the dinner the bride and groom, in wedding dress and tux, went to the Kenosha Hospital to visit our Aunt Norma (Haubrich) Greening who was dying of cancer. She died two weeks later.
Ask them what they did to their car, David's white Chevy Impala. There's a picture of it somewhere.
June 22, 1969 at Our Savior's in Zion.
Mary and David Dolan, John Dolan
1969 at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Zion, IL 

If I knew this, I forgot, but this June 22nd would be the 93rd wedding anniversary of our Dolan grandparents, Ejner (Ernest) Rudolph Dolan and Elizabeth (Bessie) Yates. They did not have a wedding picture that I know of. It was 1916, during WWI, and Grandpa was recovering from wounds suffered on the Western Front. Grandma was a nurse at Lord Derby Military Hospital in Warrington, England, near Liverpool. That is how they met. They were actually married in Folkstone, Kent, on the other coast of England. No longer fit to serve in combat, Grandpa was posted as a steward at a hotel. He sent for Grandma who left the hospital and they were married.
The following two pictures were taken about that time, Grandma just before they were married (c.1915) and was posed. She didn't really dress like that all the time. Grandpa's was just about the time they were married. Notice the signature and the cool handwriting he had. He had a flair!
Grandma lied about her age on the marriage license (which I have). She never admitted that she was older than Grandpa and always said she was younger than she was. On Grandpa's collar is the insignia "C" over a "10". That was the 10th Battalion of the CEF, not Church Extension Fund, but Canadian Expeditionary Force. The original 10th, of which Grandpa was a part, was nearly wiped out in the 2nd Battle of Ypres. 1st use of mustard gas in WW1, but it was the machine gun and shelling that did most in.
Sgt. Ernest Dolan, c. 1916
Ejner (Ernest) (Ljungberg) Dolan
about 1916
Elizabeth "Bessie" Yates, c.1914
Elizabeth Yates about 1915
Mary Dolan How very nice, John - thank you ...for sharing your memories from our wedding day, along with the photos -......I didn't remember that you weren't allowed to attend the 'soire (sp.?) at the Clown Room....but my thoughts were all about "Davey, Davey, D...See More
  • Rachel Zietlow I didn't even know they have anything at the Clown Room. Just thought there was a dinner at the church. These were GREAT stories!! And from the looks of the picture, Grandma Bessie looks like my kindof gal!!
  • Erin Peterson you're stories are so great! i love reading them
  • Amy Dolan Cool pictures and great stories, Dad. So Grandpa Ejner was Canadian? Was he related to the Canadian relative that was in the olymipics? So is this where our British roots started-- Is Grandma Bessie related to Marjorie or Mary?
  • John-Carol Dolan Okay, first of all, what's this Davey, Davey stuff. Now you're starting to scare me, Mary Lou.
    The more I learn about my grandma, the more I realize she was a fascianting and complex lady. You two would have hit it off! And she had a sense of adventure and that "twinkle" in the eye, just like you!
  • John-Carol Dolan Amy - No, Grandpa was born in Sweden, grew up in Scotland, when to Canana with his brothers when he was about 20. They went looking for adventure and jobs. They heard about this frontier boom town called Calgary and went there. War came and he joined u...See More
  • Sarah Schaser Love the pics and stories! What relative was in the Olympics? I want to hear that story.

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