Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Birthday This Week

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Axel Ljungberg, Goteberg, Sweden 1891
Axel Ljunberg in Goteberg, Sweden 1891
My favorite brother-in-law Tom is not the only family member with a birthday today.

Wednesday is also the birthday of my great grandfather, Axel Ljunberg (like Youngberg, but pronounced something like Youngberry). Born May 20, 1854 in Goteberg, Sweden, he would be 155 years old today. The fact is, he only lived to be 38 years old. He died in 1892 in a drowning accident, when my grandpa was only a little over a year old. That is a sad and interesting story in itself - there was a police investigaton and even a rumor of a possible murder. I've got a copy of the police report in Swedish, but that story is for another time.

Axel, was a "bokhalleren, by trade. That is, a bookkeeper. Axel was the fourth of five children born to Gustaf and Sofia Ljungberg.

Happy Birthday Tom and Grandpa Ljungberg!
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